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RE: Reg Date and Time representation in vCal 1.0

Given the language in the spec I would suggest that the T should never be omitted by an encoder. But clearly an “ideal” decoder would “do its best” if the T was missing on input. I am not certain when “ambiguities” might appear.


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Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 9:23 AM
To: Roland H. Alden; imc-vcalendar@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Reg Date and Time representation in vCal 1.0




 But the vCal specs says, The date and time values for all vCalendar properties are formatted as a string consistent with the ISO 8601 representation for combinations of dates and times


and according to ISO 8601,


Combined Date/Time Formats

The symbol "T" is used to separate the date and time parts of the combined representation. This may be omitted by mutual consent of those interchanging data, if ambiguity can be avoided

Does it mean that an ideal decoder should be able to decode date and time both with T as a seperator and without T as a seperator?


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"Roland H. Alden" <ralden@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I believe that notation is from an ISO standard and the T is quite mandatory.


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Subject: Reg Date and Time representation in vCal 1.0




  I have a very genuine doubt regarding vCal 1.0 date and time representation, is it mandatory to represent the character 'T' between date and Time.




 Is the t as a seperator mandatory or optional?


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