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RE: Vcal having multiple events and tasks

 But isn't multi events and todos valid in a single vCal version 1.0?
The following grammer very much says that it is possible that we have many events and todos in a single vCal, please do comment on this?
And regarding iCal ( which i think is vCal version 2.0) is this grammer removed in iCal?
vcal     = “BEGIN” [ws] “:” [ws] “VCALENDAR” [ws] 1*CRLF
     calprop calentities [ws] *CRLF
     “END” [ws] “:” [ws] “VCALENDAR” [ws] 1*CRLF
calentities = calentities *CRLF calentity
     / calentity
calentity   = evententity
     / todoentity
evententity = “BEGIN” [ws] “:” [ws] “EVENT” [ws] 1*CRLF
     entprops [ws] *CRLF
     “END” [ws] “:” [ws] “EVENT” [ws] 1*CRLF
todoentity  = “BEGIN” [ws] “:” [ws] “TODO” [ws] 1*CRLF
     entprops [ws] *CRLF
                                “END” [ws] “:” [ws] “TODO” [ws] 1*CRLF
Thanks And Regards,

Debjit Kar <debjitk@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

According to RFC 2445 multiple events within a vcal is not valid. Wether the entire vcal will be treated as corrupted or not is entirely depended on the parser. Like in my case i would parse all the events as valid or maybe thje first event. But if you stick to strict RFC 2445 then your vcal is invalid. Why do u want to do that. If are thinking of some proprietory solution why not roll out your own format in xml.
For more information go through the RFC 2445 documentation.
Do let me know.
Debjit Kar


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