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RE: The purpose of the imc-vcard list


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> Sent:	Thursday, May 15, 1997 3:03 AM
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> Subject:	RE: The purpose of the imc-vcard list
> What's the URL for the IMC Web site?
> Thanks,
> Henry
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> Sent:   Wednesday, May 14, 1997 7:31 PM
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> Subject:        The purpose of the imc-vcard list
> Greetings again. It is clear that many folks on this list are here for
> something that they are not receiving, and I apologize if the intent
> of the
> list wasn't clear. This list is for people who are developers of
> vCard-compatible software, not for "end users". Of course, all are
> welcome
> to be here, but if you subscribed hoping to hear about new
> implementations
> of the technology, this is probably the wrong place.
> Briefly, the vCard technology has been developed over the past few
> years,
> and is now starting to be implemented in more and more software. For
> example, both Microsoft and Netscape are shipping beta-test software
> with
> vCard capabilities in them. They aren't really "vCard viewers";
> instead,
> vCard is used in the programs to hold mailing information.
> IMC fully expects other vCard implementations to appear soon from both
> large and small companies. For example, Lotus is quite committed to
> the
> vCard standard, and has committed a great deal of employee time to
> helping
> move the standard forward in the IETF. There are also smaller
> companies
> that have told us that they intend to ship products "sometime soon".
> Well,
> we all know what *that* means in the software world.
> If you're not a developer, but want to keep up on who's shipping what
> for
> vCard, I suggest that you come to the IMC Web site about once a month.
> Now
> that we're seeing more shipping products, we're about to start a list
> so
> that end users can see which products support the vCard technology
> (the
> lists we have now are of the companies who have said they would). This
> list
> will probably be of little interest except to developers or marketing
> people working at companies developing vCard-compliant software.
> Again,
> everyone's welcome to stay and participate, and we're not trying to
> shoo
> anyone out.
> --Paul E. Hoffman, Director
> --Internet Mail Consortium